Bubbles in Your Crust When Baking Your Pizza

If you’ve ever baked your pizza and taken a peek inside, only to find that your crust is puffing up like pita bread, you know how frustrating those crust bubbles can be. But the solution is easy. Just pop open your oven door and poke them with a fork or a long skewer. They will deflate right down. Why do these bubbles form? Well, it can be that your dough is a bit too wet or did not fully come to room temperature (when using refrigerated or frozen dough). The trapped moisture in the dough expands when the crust is heated, causing these bubbles. If you continue to have this problem, consider docking your crust. To dock your pizza crust, just before topping it, poke it all over with a dough docker or a fork, making sure not to go all the way through the crust.