What to Do if Your Pizza Dough Rips or Gets a Hole

While you are rolling or tossing your pizza dough, sometimes you’ll have a hole develop. If you keep working the dough, this hole will get larger and larger. The hole develops in an area of the dough that is thinner than the surrounding area. If you do get a hole, it is easy to fix. Just lay your dough down on a flour-dusted surface and pull the edges of the hole back together. Pinch the dough until the hole is closed, and then continue with your rolling or tossing. If you get another, then you may need to make sure that you are rolling to tossing your dough evenly all around.

You can prevent holes in your dough by allowing the dough to rest longer before rolling or stretching. Try to roll it out to an even thickness to avoid any thin spots. And leaving the dough a bit thicker, rather than rolling very thin, can prevent the dough from tearing or ripping.