Order of Toppings on Your Pizza

henry perks TStCoAiFjDY unsplash


Pizza toppings are usually placed on a pizza in a specific order. Why is that? Well, it just makes practical sense when the pie is being baked. The sauce is usually placed right on the dough. This helps to keep the dough moist and makes for less messy eating when taking a bite. Then comes the cheese. This covers the sauce and is a foundation for the other toppings. As it melts, it holds the layers together, again making for easier eating. Most toppings are precooked or do not need much cooking and are placed on top. If you’d like, you can add another layer of cheese to hold the whole thing together, but most pizzas do not add this extra layer. If you like the golden chewiness of cooked cheese, this is the way to ensure that you maximize this.