Your Guide to Pizza Cookbook Review

Wood-Fired Oven Cookbook

by Holly and David Jones

Humans have been cooking over fire for thousands of years. As cooking techniques evolved, the ease, versatility, and taste of food cooked over an open flame has proven to be one of the best ways to cook food. Wood-Fired Oven Cookbook is a perfect guide to using a wood burning oven. You’ll learn a bit of the history of wood-burning oven cooking, explore why these ovens have seen a modern revival, and learn how to choose, construct, and care for your wood-burning oven. You’ll also need some special tools, such as peels, a coal hook, a long-handled brush, thermometer, and fuel. This book goes over everything you’ll need. 

Holly and David Jones, who run the Manna from Devon Cooking School, offer a thoughtful and thorough look at the art of wood oven cooking. From using the right fuel to lighting and controlling a fire to menus, recipes, and tips, you’ll find what you need to succeed at this cooking technique. 

While we love ourselves a good pizza, and this cookbook does cover them well, you’ll also learn how to roast fish, meat, vegetables, breads, and cakes with this guide. But of course, we believe the standout is the pizza. For many people, getting a wood-burning oven means pizza and the rest is all just extra. 

The best pizza is baked in a hot, hot wood-burning oven. The intense heat of the oven and the smokiness of the wood gives it a perfect crust and excellent flavor. The incredibly hot temperature creates a crispy base and topping that have a slight char to them, all within just a few minutes of cooking time. This cookbook, with its beautiful photos and easy-to-follow recipes and tips is perfect for your wood-burning oven adventure. 

“Having a wood-fired oven
is the culinary adventure of a lifetime!”

Recipe Highlights from Wood-Fired Oven Cookbook

These recipes are some of our favorites from the cookbook Wood-Fired Oven Cookbook

Tomato Sauce Pizza

Pizza with Roast Summer Vegetables

Pizza Focosa

Pizza with Artichoke Hearts, Parma Ham and Basil Pesto

Carmelized Shallot and Feta Pizza

Courgette, Chilli and Mint Pizza

Pizza with Roasted butternut Squash, Chilli and Mozzarella

Potato and Chorizo Pizza

Pear, Leek and Blue Cheese Pizza

Ham and Ricotta Calzone

Middle Eastern Spiced Lamb Pizza


Manna from Devon Wood Fired Cooking School

This Wood-Fired Pizza Masterclass covers these topics:

  • How to make dough for your woodfired pizzas
  • How to shape and bake your woodfired pizza
  • The best peels to use in your woodfired oven
  • How to cook pizza on the Morso Forno
  • Wood-fired sourdough pizza
  • Different cheese to use on your woodfired pizzas
  • Sicilian pizza from the wood-fired oven
  • The best gluten-free pizza from the woodfired oven
  • How to light your wood fired oven
  • What kind of wood to use in your wood fired oven
  • Using the door on your woodfired oven